Monday, September 08, 2008

Code of the Cryptids: Chapter 2

Hey everybody.

Today, Cartoon Network launches the second chapter to "The Secret Saturdays: Code of the Cryptids" game over on In case you don't know, there is a cool new show coming out in October from creator Jay Stephens about a family of secret scientists who travel the globe tracking cryptid creatures of every shape and size. (Who wouldn't want to watch that!?) This game is a cool warm up for the show, and so far we have had a blast working on it.

One of the goals in art direction on the game, was to show a progression through the jungle. While the first level had Zack walking around just outside of the thick foliage, this second level puts him smack in the middle of a dense jungle forest. You will see some cool sights as you make your way through the level, and also get a great new ability that will make the game play even cooler.

I thought I would post a mock up of the background I did, as well as a break down of layers showing you just how deep the jungle goes. These were all drawn and painted in Painter, using a Cintiq.
So take a few minutes today and play through these new levels. And be sure to catch the premiere of the new show Friday, October 3rd! Support cryptid hunting secret scientists!


Breadwig said...

seeing all the layers you created is super nifty. Looks way cool. Way.

Caram said...

… and for enlightening, entertaining and stupendously creative blog content, you are hereby awarded a prize.
You'll find it under the 6th of September entries on my blog.
You don't have to do any of what it says there, this is just to let you know (once again) of my appreciation.