Thursday, September 25, 2008


Imagine how many pancakes with peanut butter you could get on a Saturday morning if you had an awesome kitchen robot. A whole lot. With chocolate chips.

Thank you guys for the positive feedback on yesterday's video clips. I think I will post clips like that maybe once a week, and also be on the lookout for software that will offer me the best options . My goal would be to capture my process when I start painting these "If I Had A Robot" concepts.

Thank you so much for commenting!


andy said...

I wish I had a giant robot to mow my lawn.

Breadwig said...

yer stuff is just magic sir. The little note coming out of the bot, genius!

The Nino said...

the videos are awesome. Great learning tool to see someone's process. More in the future would be great!

Brandon Starr said...

Cool, reminds me of the old Horizons ride at EPCOT.