Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tea Time

My apologies for the delay in blogging. Busy does not begin to describe me lately. The good news is that I am working on a few cool things. I will have some announcements to make very soon. Nothing huge, but good things.

Also, the next Drawergeeks topic is "Robots", which might just be my favorite subject. I hope to do at least three pieces, but we will see what time allows. I have one started, and hope to post something on it soon.

And finally, I am having technical issues with my website. I hope to have the glitches fixed soon.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Drawergeeks! : GRRRRR Face

This week for Drawergeeks I tried something a little different. I did an animated .gif file. Nothing crazy. Just a little movement. The topic was "Grrr Face" so I made one of my Rocket Dreams characters participate.

Just click on the thumbnail to see him grrrr. I really feel it at least needs a sound effect! Hmm, why is that smaller image looking so weird... oh well.

Friday is upon us, and may I say that I am really glad to see it.
Happy weekend to all.


A Little Help Around The Lab

This week has been rough. Extreme work load. Crazy stress. My 10 month old has become mobile. I am finishing up my Drawergeeks! submission and I should be able to post that on Friday.

More soon!


Monday, February 19, 2007


A quiet night. The stars are quietly twinkling above you. Then WOOOSH!!! A small rocket zooms over your head, barely clearing the trees! I am starting to dream up a few color layouts, just to explore the mood of the story. This is right after the rocket launches, and goes screaming over rooftops before shooting up towards space.

I am exhausted, and it isn't even Tuesday yet. This day job is realling draining me. Must keep plowing forward... one day I will buy my freedom! Hah.


Friday, February 16, 2007

Space Squids Are Awesome

I had always wanted to include some sort of super space squid in the Rocket Dreams story, and my good friend Paul Conrad had doodled a squiddy earlier in the week so I felt inspired. This is rough, and needs some help... but it satisfied my need for a space squid for now.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sgt. Flag

This is Sergeant Flag, the shooting instructor at the Galaxy Cadet Academy. Here he is out of uniform, which is common since he has a hard time fitting into it.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day, so keep your head down.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Sneakin Around

Only a scribble today. Been busy. Real busy.
Hope to have some Rocket Dreams stuff to post in the next day or so.

It's Monday again.


Friday, February 09, 2007

Captain Marvel and the Pesky Robot

Happy Friday all. Here is the Captain Marvel piece, in it's final state. As usual I put this off till the last minute so I don't have time to go back and tweak. In the end, he is smacking a giant robot, which was my desired effect.

The showdown went something like this:

Captain Marvel: Hey robot, outta my way.

Giant Robot: Uh, no.

Captain Marvel: Dude, you're askin for it.

Giant Robot: Like I am so much bigger than you.

Captain Marvel: CRACK!!

I don't know details, but that is pretty much how it went down.


Thursday, February 08, 2007


Ended up doing a scribble for Drawergeeks this week. I really shouldn't have, since I have no time to do such silly things. But I did anyway. This guy is a "Vanhoozerized" version of Captain Marvel, complete with extra fat and stubby proportions. I know there are some "fixes" I should make here, but I am guessing this might be the way he ends up. Time being a factor and all. There is a second part to this that I will hopefully be able to finish. I certainly hope this next topic is a bit more inspiring.

It's Thursday. The day before Friday.