Monday, September 29, 2008

Summer Job

And I had to use a push mower... dang.

Today I was running a bit behind again, so I only allowed myself 10 minutes to rough out this concept. That usually means there are many things I would go back and "fix", but it is a good exercise and it forces you to not fret over any details.

I was also able to capture my process in two clips... see how I scribble!

"Summer Job" - First Five Minutes
"Summer Job" - Second Five Minutes

(I have to give my co-worker credit for the subject...thanks Andy.)


Joanie said...

I'm happy that you're keeping up with the videos, they are great to watch! Thanks. This is a cool sketch, I love these robot ideas, any plans on coloring any? That would be a great video too, to see your coloring techniques.

Vanhoozerbot said...


Thank you for the kind words! I do plan to color these kid and robot drawings, so once I feel like I have enough concepts, I will choose several to finish. Hopefully by then I will have a full video capture program in place and be able to do some time lapse speed up, and maybe even voice over talking about what I am doing.

Thanks again!


Andy said...

Yay! MowBot!