Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Doodle Page Of The Day

I usually keep a sketchbook on my desk, and as I work at the computer I doodle. Saving a big file? Doodle. Re-starting your computer because it crashed? Doodle. Doodling while you should be working? Doodle.

I thought this week I would try to put a few of those daily pages up. They won't make much sense, but hey they're fun to do. And I use pencils and a brush pen on real paper! Yesssss.

And yeah, those are my real notes. "Email everybody" is a typical message to myself.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Drawergeeks: Monsters Under The Bed

This week's topic is "Monsters Under The Bed." As usual, I didn't have much time to really flesh anything out, so I stuck to my normal routine of doing a quickie over the last two nights. I am going to try to show you how I go about that in this poorly put together tutorial!

Above you see my rough doodle. I had the idea to reverse the "monster" role, and make the seemingly icky monster, afraid of the fleshy child. As I always say, if you don't have any good ideas, rip off Monster's Inc. At this stage things are a mess, but I can at least tell if it is gonna suck real bad.

This is the brush that I use in Photoshop for pretty much everything. I use a small version of this for sketching, and various sizes for my "marker comps." It gives almost a "wet pencil" look and allows me to keep things loose in my sketching stages. I know you wanted to know that.

At this stage I start laying in color under my rough sketch. Keep in mind, this is my method for handling a Drawergeeks piece that I have an hour and a half on. I actually am able to get a cleaner sketch than that... I promise. No really!!

Boring brush shot! This is the awesome "Pastel" type brush in Photoshop that I use for.. well... a pastel look. I have messed around with the controls and I have it set to give me thicks and thins based on the pen pressure. All very scientific stuff. Possibly even magic.

And after skipping ahead several steps because I forgot to save the stages, we arrive at my "final" product. Super loose, but it gets the point across. I hope you enjoyed the mess!

Monday, February 18, 2008

He Lives Under My Bed

Little Jimmy Sikes has a monster that lives under his bed. Kind of a funny looking fellow, but very accommodating. He does sometimes snack on pillows and blankets... but that can be overlooked.

Friday, February 15, 2008

I Can See Clearly Now

I decided to throw a bit of color on this sketch. It is rough, but I like the overall feel. I am a sucker for big, chunky, vintage, leather jackets. All he needs now is a silk scarf!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Case Of The Snarly Face

Doodling again. This cheerful fellow is the alien baddie who tries to board the ship of the chap in the previous post. They meet up, have a few kind words, and then start shootin.

By the way, that last post of the mentioned space fellow was my 200th post here. For many bloggers, this would be a small anniversary that takes place in the first month. For me it is pretty cool. I wonder where I will be when I reach 400...

That is all

Monday, February 11, 2008

Waiting For Trouble

I am working on a story for a comics anthology that will come out in 2009, and I have started to doodle around looking for a style. This is really rough, but I like the feel of things. As time passes I will reveal more details about the story and the design.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Drawergeeks Galactus

This weeks Drawergeeks topic wasn't one I was very familiar with. Combine that with my usual tactic of waiting until the night before the deadline to start... and you have quite the silly drawing. According to the Galactus back-story, he is a "planet eater. I know how easy it is to gain a few pounds on muffins and bread, much less full size planets. Especially in the Sponge Cake Nebula...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Squid Truth Revealed!

I am not sure if you heard, but there was a big internet outage a few days ago. Apparently, two major under-sea cables were damaged, stopping the internet services. A ship's anchor was listed as the likely suspect, but I think it may have been something else.

Phil the Angry Super Squid who lives deep under the Mediterranean, is just tired of getting hit in the head with those darn anchors. He's was fed up, and struck the only way he knew how.