Thursday, September 04, 2008

Yessss... A Stone

"Not much was known about these creatures that patrolled the woods in search of salt stones. I wasn't even sure if they were properly called "Horrifs" but that is what my father called them, and I knew no better. I did know however that they were cursed long ago by the Dark Witch when they attempted to steal her newborn daughter, and that their wooden masks are said to conceal a horror that can't even be imagined. Thankfully, they are so single minded in their task, that they go about their business as if I do not exist. I think I am safe to camp here for the night."


Tony C. said...

This is so cool and creepy.

Breadwig said...

so like, how long have you been hiding your writing skills? Sheesh. This new series is flippin' awesome.

Mr. Molina said...

Hey Jeremy, loving the short stories and kick ass art! Was wondering if you can possibly stop by my blog and any advice on shadows and color methods? Working on another piece and I'm stumped on shadows on the face. Keep the inspiration coming to us!