Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Most Productive Artist In My House

It's true. I have been working some long hours here at the day job. My current project has just been born, and it still a bit wobbly on it's young legs. It will be fine, but right now it needs a bit of extra love.

Next week, I will re-start my regular blog posts. No really! I will. But for today, I just wanted to share something with you that I thought was pretty cool.

My son Aidan, who just turned five, loves to draw. When I get home late in the evening, I find sketches waiting for me on the kitchen counter. Fantastical drawings, featuring some of the coolest robot designs I have ever seen. He is better than I was at five years old, and his understanding of advanced robotics is really quite extraordinary.

Over the weekend, Aidan received a pad of tracing paper. While tracing paper might be frowned on later in your career, as a very young artist I frequently traced over some of my favorite artist's work just to get familiar with their lines. I couldn't have been prouder when Aidan asked me to sketch up a robot for him to trace.

He worked very, very hard to make it just right.

Steady hand...

... and presto! Better than Dad's.

I think this kid has a future in robotics.