Friday, September 26, 2008

Sad Movie

Will Rick ever get back with Jennifer? Does Sally know that Pete still has feelings for her? Do the puppies abandoned at the side of the highway ever get rescued? Stay tuned!

I took the train in this morning (dang gas shortage) and was running a bit late. Had to do this really fast. I might revisit it a bit later. I do have a list now of cool ideas involving kids and their robots, so hopefully I can do more next week.

Happy weekend.


BMurphy said...

Jeremy - I am continually amazed at your beautiful artwork! I love the contrast between the sense of fear in the giant robot and the little girl crying her eyes out.

Maybe it's just me, but one thing that took me a minute to figure out - I couldn't tell what the the robots forearms were. I originally thought they were sideviews of other robots heads (huddling against the robots chest for comfort) Anyway, LOVE your blog and your work! Thanks for posting it for everyone to enjoy.

Caram said...

Very Very Likey! This series keeps getting better by the day

But why DOES the robot look so scared?

Thanks for dropping by, by the way!
I did get my inspiration for publishing the process somewhere…

Vanhoozerbot said...

Hey guys!

First of all, thanks for the comments.

bmurphy: I completely agree with you that this one doesn't read well when you first look at it. If I decide that this idea stays in the final line up, I will need to go back and rework the layout. Thanks for the good feedback!

caram: Ha. The robot is scared because he sees a kitten on the screen... and everyone knows that robots are scared of kittens.