Friday, September 05, 2008

My Destination?

" It was suddenly clear to me. My journey. My destination. My sacrifice. All were revealed the instant it spoke. Yet, while I understood the importance of my task, I could not help but wonder if the spirits had chosen the wrong man."


Bobby Pontillas said...

Ooh! This is sick! Its got a real magical feeling to it.

Caram said...

"I felt my sword suddenly imbued with the power of old, flowing through me as the ancient tree released the energies it had conserved for so long. The forest no longer held any terror, no beast, no creature unknown. For a moment, I almost felt as if I could master the task." Beautiful.

Kim Herbst said...

Wow, the sienna tones you've been using work so well for this!!! And the writing's friggin' amazing to boot.