Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gone Fishing

Hey guys, I was playing Mr. Mom yesterday, so no blog update. I am trying something new today. I took some video clips of my process, and I am sharing them. Keep in mind, this is a really rough "daily doodle," and the videos are in little 5 minute clips. Let me know if you think this would be a worthwhile activity, as I am considering getting some proper software.

First Five Minutes
Second Five Minutes
Third Five Minutes
Yep... More Five Minutes

I hope those links work!


Caram said...

Nice One!

I've refrained from commenting on this series up to now, as I wanted to see where this is going.

The Sketches are, as usual, great stuff, the subject intriguing and engaging and a lot of fun to look at. (Says the Student to the A.D.)

One thing I noticed: Sometimes there's a boy and his robot, sometimes a girl and hers. I keep wondering: what happens when those two meet?

I very much like to watch other people draw and create, so the vids attached are a real treat to me, offering insights into the process that the finished sketches do not, as well as pointers to budding cartoonists willing to learn. They do however, remove the mystique of the finished drawing, in a little way.

Joanie said...

I think the videos are wonderful, it's really interesting to watch your process, I hope there are more coming soon, I will definitely be checking back for more.

Gulzar said...

kICk !$*! work man!
love the color tones dude! really!

you aint gonna color this one?
now gonna be a regular in your blog!

regards all the way from India

Javier M. said...

I took the day off from drawing because my eyes are killing me from staring at my screen ;(... But logged on this morning and forgot to comment... So here goes... Alright, this drawing rocks! The tones, as already mentioned, are perfect! loving the robot series if you didn't know by now. As far as the videos... It is so cool to get this feeling of looking over your shoulder while you work.. I learned some pretty good tricks as far as composition and fine line details. I would love a video process of... (yep you guessed it) you coloring something similar to the hellboy painting you did awhile back... This video idea is tooooo good for you to pass up.... Thanks for the inspiration of the day! -- J

BMurphy said...

I love how the seam doubles as a smile on the robots face. Priceless. Can't wait to wathc the videos!