Monday, September 22, 2008

The Secret Saturdays: Code Of The Cryptids - 3

Hey everybody,

Today over at, they are launching the third and final installment to "The Secret Saturdays: Code of the Cryptids" game. I think it may be the best chapter yet! The game designers did a great job with the level design, and the music is fantastic. I have said it before and I will say it again... this was a blast to work on. The team did a great job, and since it was my first full project here at the studio, it was a great learning experience for me. And to be able to get started on a show like The Secret Saturdays... very cool.

As a single shot, this background looks like a giant pile of "stuff." In the game however, it rolls by as you are walking through the level, and hopefully gives you the feeling that you are passing through an awesome valley full of ancient artifacts. And stuff.
And here it is broken down into the many layers I created it in.

And as an added bonus, here is the background for the Chapter 2 Boss, Munya. If you haven't played through and fought him, you should. He's cool.

And remember to watch the show! Friday, October 3rd, 8:00pm!

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