Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Project Exonaut - First Concepts

Since I have been so busy lately, the blog hasn't gotten any love. I keep promising to return to form and start slinging sketches willy-nilly once again... but it certainly hasn't panned out yet. Instead, I thought I would post some older work from my time at CN.

This first piece was literally the very first concept drawing for the game "Project Exonaut" (which didn't even have that title yet) and served as a proof of concept for the team. Looking back, it is pretty dreadful. It did however serve it's purpose in messaging that putting kids in big battle suits might be cool. (They paid me to tell them that. :) It was quick. It was messy. But it was effective.

This was done immediately the next day, and served as a more polished look at how we might treat the battle suit design. At this point in the game's evolution, there was discussion about basing the suit tech on the core omnitrix technology. Looking at the final game, it is easy to see how far the individual suit designs evolved.

I hope you guys enjoy this look back as much as I did working on this game. If everything works out, I will continue to post concepts and art from this project as time goes on.

(All art ©Cartoon Network)