Friday, January 19, 2007

The Seven Little Metal Miners Return

These little guys seem to have struck a chord with a few people. The original design was done as a play on the seven dwarves from Snow White over at Drawergeeks. Then, I posted them on the
  • and got a really good response. I figured what the heck, and wrote a quick little children's book type story for them, and will tuck it away. Maybe draw it out for the blog one day.

    Anyway, here they are taking a bow. Thanks for all the kind words everybody.

    And happy Friday.



    mike said...

    yeah, these guys are great. i hope we see them again soon. :D

    GhettoFab said...

    That guy makin the bunny ears.... SOmeone is always gotta be silly when the camera comes out hehehe

    Lovely Stuff Jeremy!