Thursday, January 25, 2007

Imaginary Cave Man Evolved

After doing some thinking, I decided that the imaginary Cave Man should lose his shirt and tie, and trade it in for a fit and trim mud body. This was my sketch. I think he is a little more balanced here then in my initial concept. And way cooler. He is also holding little Suzie's balloon while she swings.

Then I grabbed my brush pen and threw some ink on it. Nothing too crazy, but I think it came out ok. Still loose and fun.

I am now painting this sucker up so he can join the party over at Drawergeeks. Thanks for all of your positive comments on this idea! I hope to post the painted version tomorrow.


1 comment:

mike said...

wow! this is much better!!

this is already my favorite drawergeeks submission this week too.

too cool, jeremy.