Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Poster

Here is the final teaser poster design. I could fuss with it for days, but I am slapping my hand, and moving on to the piles of work I still need to complete for the book.

The next step for me, I think... is to get into some environment design.
Oh and the remaining characters. Oh, and putting the story all together.
Hah hah .... ahh. I better get back to work.



sarah said...

Sweet Jeremy, this is looking so very good. I love the font you are using at the bottem too, it's so wonderful and retro-y :)

Tony C. said...

The poster is great and the classic movie poster vibe is dead on.

My only critique would be that it feels like there needs to be a little something more going on in the lower left hand corner of the image. Perhaps you could punch in closer on the gentleman with the gun. I think a tighter close up would make his face and his gun more interesting.

mike said...

very very cool! i love the texture you gave it. it has such a fun pulp sci-fi feeling to it. :D

Bill Z said...

this is so cool - I also really love the title image at the top of your blog