Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This Isn't An iPod!

A bit of a rough and tumble drawing this morning... but I managed to catch it on tape! Now you can see what exactly caused this to happen. If the videos are too small for you to see what the heck is going on, you can actually download the source file from Vimeo! It should be easier to watch. The link is at the bottom right of the video page if you are ever interested.


Joanie said...

Awesome! Thanks again for posting these videos.

Peter and Stephanie said...

that was intense! you make it look soooooo easy =)
if that isn't an ipod....what the heck is it!?? i cant wait to find out

dugbuddy said...

such a big fan. Peter and Stephanie are correct. you do make it look so easy. But more, your results are so much fun. always looking forward to a new drawergeeks entry.