Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It Begins Again

Hello everyone. I missed posting yesterday because I was busy thinking. Thinking about a lot of stuff... but mostly about my story "Rocket Dreams." I have decided to tackle it as a project once again. I say "again" only because I did some development work a while back and I am counting that as something. In truth, I am going to be starting over. With so much time passing since I last approached the project, I am now looking at it with a new set of eyes. A new direction and a new look.

The story of "Rocket Dreams" is big. Too big for me to tackle as a first comic project. So my plan is to do a prequel story first. Something that will show some of the back story that causes "Rocket Dreams" to happen in the first place. It will also allow me to do a story packed with action which is going to be fun for both myself and the reader (I hope.)

My friend Paul sent me this great quote. It is from Mike Mignola, and he is sharing some advice that Frank Miller shared with him.

"I CAN pass on something that Frank Miller told me when I was about to start Hellboy--It's as good advice as I've ever gotten on this subject. He said something like "just do it, do the best you can, don't drive yourself crazy, just KNOW that when you look back on it you're going to hate it. It can't be helped. The next one will be better."

So I am going to take that advice and plow forward. I can't keep waiting around until I get "perfect" because that will never happen. Each morning, I will chip away at the development... it might be writing, or character design, or page layout. I won't be posting every morning, but I think I will still get at least three posts up per week. I am excited, and nervous. This has to be good work from me.

While I won't be posting everything I do (I have to save some surprises for the actual book) I will do my best to show all of my process. Concepting. Character Design. Rough Layout. Page Roughs. Clean Up. Color. Whew.

Wish me luck...


Caram said...

Sounds like a great project that will be enjoyable to follow!

Good Luck!

Breadwig said...

Consider me jazzed.

Joanie said...

I can't tell you how refreshing it is to hear you (an artist I look up to) goes through the same struggles as an artist as I do. I feel like I'm always waiting till I get 'perfect' before I create anything, but that advice is great. That Frank Miller sure knew what he was talking about! I can't wait till Rocket Dreams comes out, I will be first in line and I'll be enjoying all these awesome drawings along the way!