Thursday, November 20, 2008

One Small Step

Today's drawing is a great example of "my drawing took me somewhere else." I sat down in a sleepy daze to try and scratch out a certain character idea. When that drawing started completely off the mark and horrible, I realized that I needed to give it more thought. HOWEVER... it also made me realize that I had an idea for a costume needed later in the story. Improvisation. It's what happens when you can't draw what you thought you were drawing.
These are the secrets you learn here.



Karina said...

Even if this isn't what you planned it's great! :)

Thank you for the videos they help a lot. I really hope to get into this industry so every little bit helps.

Illustration Monkey said...

Very cool! i also loved the thing you did for drawergeeks blog. Stunning and terrifying!! (as in, I'd freak out if I had seen that thing coming)