Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bot Helper

This morning I scribbled out a few bot shape ideas. In the story, the main hero character has a robot "helper" that goes everywhere with him. The overall design for the story is very simple, and leaning toward "retro" so I want to keep the characters (especially the robots) clean and basic. I will be doing a LOT of roughs like this, as they really do help flesh out my ideas. I am also in the process of writing the prequel story and coming up with a proper title. More to come!


andy said...

My son sees robot toys on his Baby Einstein DVD and says, "Robot is wearing glasses." I like yourlittle square fellow. He looks like he could have been made from the cardboard box that the new coffeepot came in.

sarah said...

These are all wonderful wonderful designs. I wish I had a little cute helper robot. I'd give him pages to pencil. :)

I like your last post and the quote. It is encouraging to me too. Would you beleive I am going to redo all those pages I just sent out? I just have been thinking that I know I can do something prettier and better. I also think the first book could be more condensed. And it's much more important for me to do a book that I'm proud of than to just churn out a book to publish.

I'll be sure to send pages your way of course!

Best of luck with Rocket Dreams. Send something when you are ready! I'd love to see it.

Thanks also about the Anne. Hurrah!