Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You Take One More Step Toward My Donut...

There is progress! I managed to block in the color on our hungry monster, clean up the foreground buildings a bit, and even add in the donut sign. Really this is turning into a squabble over a snack.


Joanie said...

It's looking super awesome!

Javier M. said...

Hey Jeremy how are things? I know there's still plenty of little things i haven't found in painter that can be useful to me. For instance, i noticed during your progress videos, you change the size of the brush very quickly on screen. Are you using the bracket key on the keyboard? Also, on this kick ass painting of yours, the fins on the robot... did you copy paste on a new layer for each? The same with sword, its matching on both sides? Is there some type of mirror option in painter? Love the texture you gave on the monster with those strokes! Keep it up!

Vanhoozerbot said...

Thanks guys!

joanie: Why thank you very much.

javier m. : You are sniffing out my secrets! Ha! On the brush sizing... as I am working with the brush tool I hold down the "option" and the "command (apple)" keys while dragging the brush outward or pushing it inward. This way I can enlarge or shrink the brush without stopping. And as far as the "mirror option" goes... I cheat on that. I draw one side of those elements and then open the file in Photoshop to copy and flip them.

I hope that made sense!


Caram said...

The colours really pop now! And Ooglenork has a great fuzzy beast feel to him.

By the way, my issue with the process vids is not the speed of the drawing, rather the movements across the drawing board. To get those down to smooth speed would probably require more editing than time allows, as it would mean the drawing is put out at one speed (say 125-135% of real-time) and the movements at normal speeds, thus giving you smooth movement while still speeding up the vid somewhat.

But as it's part of the process and I enjoy watching them at any speed, I'm shutting up about that now.