Thursday, October 16, 2008

Closer To The Donut

I know these progress posts get a bit boring, but I thought I would at least show this to you. A city was added. Some color clean up on the robot. The foreground buildings got their lighting messed with. We are close to the finish!

Next time... maybe something more exciting?


Javier M. said...

The city in the background really makes these two guys pop.. Tinting brush or did you go back to the pastels? Thanks for the tips on the brush and swords.. I am on to you! Only because i wanna better myself with my art and the programs! I feel the black out line around the characters should be taken away.. the solid form and shapes could, in my opinion, give the piece more life instead of looking flat.. Wait what the hell am i'm saying. Your the teacher and I'm the student.. nuff said. Clouds are excellent!

Amanda said...

Not boring, I am enjoying seeing the process! It's such a rad drawing :)