Friday, December 15, 2006

This is perhaps the strangest piece of art I have ever done.

Let me start by saying what a horrible week I have had at "the day job." I believe I have discovered a new level of stress. The kind of stress that reaches inside your chest and squeezes. I am not big on complaining, but I will admit that I did some of that this week. Anyway, while I was going through this crazy week, I started my Drawergeeks submission, which was supposed to be "Santa Claus."

It started as a sickeningly cute scene, where Mr. Polar Bear is giving a little cutesy penguin a Christmas gift. Then, it went wrong. The stress began talking to me. It didn't like the fact that I was drawing something warm and fuzzy. We needed some butt kickin. So, the single penguin became a group of penguins. You see, they have been picked on by this dumb Polar Bear for the entire year. So when dumb Polar Bear decides to make nice for the holidays... they don't care.

As the leader of the fearless penguin clan distracts said bear and pretends to accept the gift, his reckless brethren take action. Steve Penguin quickly cuts open the gift sack and pilfers the remaining presents. Bob Penguin jumps from the santa hat where he had been carefully hiding and bludgeons Bear with a large rock. (The Bear did call him a Puffin.) Then for good measure, Nelson Penguin jumps from the top rope wearing his Sears and Roebuck Luchador outfit, to deliver the dreaded Mexican Clothesline.

So, the lesson here is... Don't let the mind numbing day job kill you, and certainly don't pick on the penguins.

I need a nap.



Anonymous said...

hahahahaha!!! when i first saw your illo i was like, "what the--?"

but your explanation just made it for me. thank you for my first big laugh of the morning!!

this FRIDAY morning!!! hooray for weekends!! :D

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Yes, the explanation is awesome! My favourite is the penguin leader pretending to accept the gift.

Uloo said...

Hoo-hah! Time and again I claim, "Penguins can't be trusted." No one ever believes me! This pic's funny and twisted ... and, yet, plenty cute. Hope your stress level soon subsides, my friend.

Mark Geyer said...

Very cool blog - nice work!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the day job thing. Why won't my wife and kids let me do the peanut butter and jelly dinner every night starving artist thing? I swear, I would do it in a second!!! My illustration came out of frustration too Jeremy. It's kinda cool that we artists can use pain to create. It takes a little of the sting out. Thanks for sharing your illo story.