Monday, December 11, 2006

Sorry about the lack of art postings, but these last few days have really been nuts at work. I find myself drained when I get home, and sometimes I don't get that much done on the project. I do plan on updating the RD website soon, with the story section opened. A lot of the art that I have posted here will go into the "concept art" section, as well as a few extra goodies.

On a side note...

The fact that Christmas is merely weeks away, has really started to hit me. Maybe it's all of the Christmas music that I have been pumping through my headphones. Anyway, I have also been looking at old photographs that I dug up at my Grandparents house. Me as a kid. My brother and sisters and I in our rag-a-muffin existence. We were so young, and so unaware. I remember not having much, but my imagination filled in so many blanks. One day, I want to sit and write about those days. My siblings and I have talked about putting the memories down on paper, and I think the end result would be something pretty rich.
An orange crate could be the world's fastest race car, and a bed sheet might act as a bullet proof shield.

Oh well. Sorry about the break in form, but I think I am having a moment. A moment of reflection, where I look back and wonder what exactly made me who I am today.

(I am the tallest, oldest, and goofiest of the bunch.)

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sarah said...

Hey Jeremy! Love the picture :) I've been all reflective the last little while too... visiting home always does that to me.