Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A Toto Beginning

So, I started scribbling these ideas for Dorothy's faithful canine companion. I am certainly not there yet, but I think I am closing in on something. I want him to be a small machine, but I also would like him to be expressive. A bit of work to do on this little guy.

Each of these concepts I do will more than likely go through several rounds of changes. Dorothy is an example of a concept hitting in an area that I like... but after I sketch out a few more characters I will most certainly visit her design again. I like to keep moving so I may jump around a bit.


Mike Boldt said...

These Steam Punk OZ stuff is amazing!

I like the toto with the mustache.

I cannot wait to see more!

Muffin said...

this is exciting! :D I love all three, they are so different from one another. Let them all live!

Loved dorothy also. :)

NelsonG said...

I like these concepts...very neat.