Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Flying Monkey


DY5L3X1A said...


foolsfitness said...

This is really great stuff.

I *Hope* to see the wizard...

(oh bad pun.)

There are so many to play with!
The munchkins! The wizards guard?

Oh the wizard flew away in a balloon... please please please do an airship!

I enjoy your work sooo much! Mega thumbs up!

This idea in concept has so many possibilities to steam punk old fables... or even the A-team, just imagine the van in glorious gearrs and steam!!! Crazy Merdock in a clockworks gyro copter. Mr. T the inventer with his latest cobbled together creation.

Imagine the turtle verses hare race revisited... The rabbit quick draws and laughs mocking the poor turtle...the wild west turtle draws and shoots while the rabbit is laughing and playing the crowd outside the saloon.

Foolsfitness- Alan

The Ink Gypsy said...

Oh yeah! Looove the flying monkey! Another reason for umbrellas by the way... ;)

aintshakespeare said...

Awesome. I love the armband.