Tuesday, August 18, 2009


A really quick one today. Watch me make my mess.



Liana Engie said...

I really love stuff like this. It's interesting to see how different people work, plus it helps me notice details that I would otherwise have glossed over. Great, as always.

Javier M. said...

just finished watching the vid, and was surprised that you started with the tinting brush instead of your thick and thin pencil. Gotta try that and see if it does wonders for me!-Jm

Caram said...

I'm really enjoying the current approach you're taking to this blog… it feels like watching a very talented teenager produce refreshing and dynamic stuff!

Vanhoozerbot said...

Thanks for the comments guys! I love that you are still checking out the blog. Caram, I hope the fact that you are calling me a "talented teenager" is a good thing! Ha. Seriously, thank you.

Muffin said...

I love aaaany drawing accompanied by Muse! :D

Ok, maybe not any drawing. This one is very cool. :) Awesome to watch you scribble.

Can I ask what program you use to record your sketching?

Vanhoozerbot said...


I am such a huge Muse fan. Glad to see that we agree on that! I use a program called iShowU to record my work. I love it, and it has never given me any issues.