Monday, August 17, 2009

Launch Day

You may be tired of this logo already, but I am displaying it here once again to explain my absence. Our game launches later today, so I have my battle helmet and shin guards on. No warm up this morning... just cold coffee and a few bites of powdered eggs. Bring it I say...

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Agent Spectre said...

Thumbs up. Played the game during the little "open beta" and loved it. Now it's running so much smoother and is a complete joy to play. So much so as of the time of writing I'm up to 84 matches(77 of them wins.

You guys have done a great job with this, I'm actually impressed. The way it plays ,the designs, the characters ( big fan here of the starting 6).

Only downfall is the random matches, we should have been able to specify our friends CN usernames, but I understand that's just a whole 'nother obstacle.

See you on the battlefield - AgentELevin.