Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Change of Pace

And a happy Tuesday to all.

I have been thinking a lot about the blog lately. Each and every morning (with a few exceptions) I sit down here in the studio and sketch out my warm up drawing. These drawings started out as a way to stretch my artistic muscles and prepare my brain for the day ahead, and it made sense to post them to my blog as a daily update. What I am realizing however, is that the purpose of these drawings has changed. Now, instead of sitting down and "discovering" with my morning doodle, I feel pressure to throw together a sketch that makes sense. Something that forms a thought or character and would make sense on the blog. There is nothing wrong with that obviously, and so far I have had a blast... but I will say that the work that I have been throwing on blog as of late has been a bit rushed and less than quality.

So... having said all of that, I think I will take a different approach to blogging for a while. My new goal each morning is to sit down and draw with no pressure to post. My blog will still be a priority, and I can easily see posting several times a week... but the urge to post something every day will be quieted a bit. It may be a small drawing, but it also may be a big drawing or painting that takes several days (or longer.) My goal will be to raise the quality of my posts, and put some thought into both my work and my commentary on each piece. Step-by-steps, tutorials, and process videos will be more frequent. My current projects that are going on behind the scenes will pop up now and again. The art will be better. And I will be happy.

Something I would also like to do is start a series of posts for younger artists coming out of school. In my position, I see a lot of portfolios, and get a lot of questions from college students about to graduate. Many of the same questions are asked, and I would love to put some thoughts out there that might help young artists get into their chosen creative field. Look for these to start in the next few months.

Anyway, thanks for listening. Keep watching this space, as I honestly feel that the experience will get better.

Jeremy, out.


BMurphy said...

As someone who isn't coming out of school (but could use every bit of adivce possible!) I would love to see some posts geared towards breaking into the field.

I find that we are always are own worst critics, so let me say that your recent posts haven't felt rushed or of a lesser quality at all!

Whatever (or whenever) you post, I look forward to it; your blog is a constant source of inspiration.


Javier M. said...

Looking forward to the new direction of your post! Your recent post have not lacked any inspiration in my opinion. Just do you Jeremy, you'll be fine! -Jm

Geoff Shupe said...

sounds great!
everyday, schmeveryday...
post it when you got it and we'll keep coming back for more.

Kim Herbst said...

As I've been trying all these new techniques and styles lately, I definitely feel the same pressure! Good luck and I'll definitely keep checking back for new, always greater things!