Friday, April 03, 2009

A Beginner's Look At A Tutorial

Simple PainterX Tutorial from Jeremy Vanhoozer on Vimeo.
I take you through my amazing (pretty plain) technique and process (nothing new) of drawing a simple robot in PainterX.

Please note: This is my first shot at marrying a voice over with a process video. Pay no attention to mispronunciations, the general abuse of the english language, and me saying "uhh" roughly 123 times. It's a start.

People ask me what tools I use in painter, and this is a basic walk through of my setup. My goal is to graduate to bigger projects and show how I work.

It's good to have goals.
thanks for watching.

(If you want an even huger version, you can view it in "HD" on Vimeo, or download it from Vimeo)


Javier M. said...

Have i told you, how much ass you kick! Thank you for this!


Awesome! Thanks for this gave me confidence on my workflow coz its pretty much the same. Waiting for the bigger projects ^_^

Jason The Nino said...

Thanks for's appreciated.

philip said...

Oh man, I've been trying to figure out which brushes you used on Painter X for a whiillle. Thanks for finally letting us know!

Caram said...

Professor Vanhoozer! Love the commented course… and we finally get to hear your voice!
¡More (if you find the time to make it, of course…)!

Joanie said...

Awesome! Thanks for posting.

Alfie said...

just wanted to say thanks for showing it in real time and the fact that you think about each line. with speed drawing it makes it seem like people bust these drawings out almost like magic. for years now ive been under the misunderstanding that to be a good artist i should just start scribbling and it comes out of the ether of my mind with no conscience will. this video has changed my perspective tonight.

stephen said...

Admittedly I've been behind on keeping up with your blog. But man it's cool to see you work. Love the time lapse ones as well, but definitely the commentary and looking forward to more of those. Nice use of Muse on one of the other vids. ;) We need to exchange some more music!