Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Power of Music

Happy Tuesday everybody. Today's doodle was inspired by U2. I started my morning off by listening to their new album, "No Line On The Horizon." After only one listen, I am really happy with what I am hearing. Some truly wonderful stuff. Highly recommended.

On a slightly humorous yet appreciative note... my previous Lunar Launch Ramp post was picked up by Gadgets.BongBoing.net! (CLICK HERE TO SEE POST) It seems to have inspired some spirited discussion regarding it's ability to actually launch things into space. If I had known it would have attracted over 2000 people to the drawing, I may have spent more time thinking it out! I plan on taking every one of the science based comments on their site to heart before I put the fearless crew of "The Skybreakers" into orbit. :)

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Breadwig said...

man, I love this illo, totally love it.