Thursday, August 09, 2007

Rockin Dogs

I have really dropped the blog ball as of late I know. I have been so busy that I'm really not sure what day it is. (I now know it is Thursday.) Let me tell you... babies and toddlers don't care if you want sleep. They really don't.

Enough of my fake sob story. I thought I would share the beginning of a Drawergeeks submission. The subject this time around is "Hot Dog Cart." I think subjects like this are great, because it leaves everything so open. This is what I was able to scribble last night after work. I hope to finish it tonight. I am taking the straight forward approach on this one... 19 year old guy works at the "Mr. Weiner" cart after school ( he is still a junior in highschool) and to pass the time between customers he rocks out to some classic AC/DC on his iPod while playing air drums on the cart. You know how it goes.

Thanks to all who post comments here. As I have said before, I may not remember to answer them all, but it means a lot.


Keath007 said...

The best part about listening to music with good drum bits is anything in front of you can become an inpromptu kit, enabling you to join in the fun. My car is my main drumming site - unfortunately for my poor wife whenever she rides her leg becomes the splash cymbal.

I envy the Hot Dog Cart guy - he's got a near perfect setup there.

Great drawing!

Mike Boldt said...

Yeah, I echo the above. And don't worry about the blog, you update yours at least 4 times as much as me.

I just love your style, it's really clean and expresses exactly what you think of in your mind when these different subjects come across the brain.

Can't wait to see what comes next.

sarah said...

This looks very cool Jeremy. Your drawings have such a great appealing quality always. :) Even if this was the 'end' of the submission I think it is great.

This all makes me think of that hot dog stand in San Deigo where the guy was spinning records too and people were dancing around the stand. That was so odd.