Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Der Verkäufer

Drawergeeks this week is "Hot Dog Cart." I was partially responsible for that subject, since I did suggest it to Greg. I figured, "What a cool open ended idea that would allow for some character design!" I hope people take a shot.

This is Hans, the Frankfurter vendor. He likes his job, but he is getting tired of the little fat kids buying him out before he even leaves his house.


mike said...

you are killing on this topic! another great piece. he's got crank on the frankfurter box. what can it be for?

aintshakespeare said...

Great pictures. I love the kid. The vendor is also cool, but he inspires in me a strong desire to brush my teeth. Very nice.

sarah said...

This is fantastic! Mmm delicious European street meat. Hurrah sauerkraut!

I love the sign he has too, what a great touch.

Bryan Wilson said...

Love the little kid and the color palette.
By the way what program are you using? I assume painter or Photoshop.
Also,I linked your blog on mine, let me know if your ok with that!

Breadwig said...

Juicy, in more ways that one! Great job.