Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Dark Evil Scary Man

I have been really busy as of late, but one thing I try to do is take an evening or two and get a Drawergeeks submission done. I consider it therapy. It is very freeing to sit down, and draw with no boundries. Sometimes (ok, a lot of times) it goes horribly wrong, but other times you end up with a pretty zany interpretation of the subject.

This weeks topic was "Rasputin." I as usual just ran with it. I scribbled down a quick thought on my trusty Post-It pad (as shown so well in my last post) and scanned that sucker in. From there I drew the thing out in Photoshop. My thought process went something like this:

Ok... This guy is evil. I mean a real bastard. So bastardly that he even refuses to die. Wow, this guy refuses to die. That is pretty cool. Maybe he made some sort of deal with a higher evil power... and that is why he won't die. You know, a deal where he promises to serve the dark lord in return for eternal life. Hmm, and if he made this deal maybe he underwent a bit of a physical tranformation. After all, he now posseses dark power and dark power must be pretty nasty stuff. Perhaps he now has evil whisps trailing him wherever he goes... like a giant evil cloak. And the deeper ho goes into this dark world, the more whisps he gets. Gee Jeremy, that sounds like Spawn's cape. No no... this is entirely different. Ok. And at night, in his big empty mansion, the whisps come out to play. Hmm, maybe he also has a few painting hanging around the house that depict the ways people have tried to bump him off. Kindof sick, but he is a weirdo. Ok, that sounds good. And a fireplace lets me use orange. Sounds great.

And that is artistic process according to me.


Tony C. said...

This is fantastic! I love the drowning portrait, but my favorite thing has to be the wallpaper pattern. So effing cool, it almost made me swear!

Muffin said...

I love this! How wickedly cool, it portraits him perfectly in my opinion. Love the cloak, the lighting, the details and the colors. You are dead good, Jeremy. That thought process make me laugh, I gotta put my processes down sometime too. :P

mike said...

haha! your artistic process is eerily familiar to mine. ;)

and wow! you rocked on this one. love the inking, composition and the colors are fantastic.

he kinda looks scared that someone's gonna try to off him again- but yet he's obviously proud of that.

Nathan Lindsay said...

I dig the window shadows and the back lighting from the fire. Is the picture on the mantle a headless guy? :)