Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Robots That Date Back To The Mayans!"

Here is as far as I am gonna get on my Drawergeeks this week. I am just glad I am turning something in.

We are staring Friday right in the face. Good times.
I hope everyone has an awesome long weekend.


Illustration Monkey said...

Hey, jeremy!

Nice illustration!

-David Poe said...

wonderfully nice illustration.

sarah said...

This is fantastic Jeremy. You have such a great style of painting. Makes me wish there were more robots in Indiana Jones films... :)

AtomicTerrier said...


robots rock, as do you sir!

hey are you going to SDCC this year? I AM!

jim bradshaw said...

Awesome take on the topic. It was my favorite. You can make anything into a robot theme. Also a lot of other great stuff on this blog since the last time I was hear. I need to stop by more often.