Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Postcard

Ahhh, the art of self promotion. I am starting an illustration that I intend to print up as a postcard. That way, I can send it around to Art Director types and they will see my ability to get postcards made.

This is really in it's messy rough stage, but I wanted to show the beginning. My scene is a little boy in bed, reading a book with his flashlight. His audience is a collection of some pretty awesome imaginary friends, including monsters, robots, knights, pirates, and the three little pigs. I have no idea how fast this will go, as I can really only work on it in my spare spare time.

Happy Wednesday!


mike said...

oh! that'll be nice. i can't wait to see it finished.

you and your mad postcard skillz...

Mike Boldt said...

I also cannot wait to see this finished - as well as the steps along the way!

I love sci-fi stuff, especially for kids! Great work here.