Thursday, May 10, 2007


It has been a while huh?

I am frankly busy as a beaver, building seven dams at once.
Major book project.
Finishing touches on the pages of my comic.
Painting a room pink.
Day job.

I realized yesterday, that I do talk sometimes like all of these are bad. NO WAY. It is amazing that I am so busy.
I just think I do a poor job of balancing sometimes. Anyway... enough blogging from me. I wanted to share a couple of pieces.

This guy is an idea I had for a "Skull Ghost Pilot/Pirates In Space" story. Could be cool. Part skeletal goodness, part robot (of course.)

And this is Puggles again. Puggles has self esteem issues. Or should I say HAD self esteem issues. He has a new car now. For today, that fixes everything. (I don't know. One day I will try to explain Puggles.)

That is all today. So glad I got to post. I need to really get rolling on the book stuff, squeak out a Drawergeeks as therapy, and go finish my Mother's Day shopping. See ya!


ken said...

very cool artwork u got here!! love the characters

ken :D

Paul Conrad said...

Love seeing PUGGLES again.... more Puggles!

And dude...the skull ghost....that ROCKS.
Caleb is gonna LOVE that guy!

aintshakespeare said...

Holy Cow! You do all of this AND you have a day job! I've been using my boring job as an excuse for why I don't do more drawing. I'm very impressed.

Incidentally, I love the dead pilot. Super cool. The black and white photo quality is perfect.