Monday, March 12, 2007

Vanhoozer In Parable

Hey everybody! I have a cool announcement to share, and it involves comics! I have been invited to participate in a comic book project titled "Parable." I didn't know too much about the project, but after talking with the guy running the show (Mike Maihack) I felt that this would be a pretty awesome opportunity. I have been wanting to do a comic for a while now, and Mike is letting me run with it. One of the deciding factors for me joining up, was being in a book with so many really talented artists.

So, I may be posting less over the next few months since I have till May 1rst to dream up, sketch out, clean up, ink and color my story. I will show bits and pieces of the art here, but the final work will be kep hush hush for the book. I am very pumped to do some cool sequential stuff, and am going to attempt to go all out on this one.

Man... a month and a half. Who needs sleep!?



Paul Conrad said...

Congratulations Jeremy,
Eager to see your story come together, I know it's going to be fantastic.

Rock on Rocket Dreamer!

Tony C. said...

Sweet! Perhaps you should do a story in the single color and black style of the Lava Men.

Vanhoozer, you are too cool for school!

jim bradshaw said...

I just know this is going to be good. I hope it can be fun even though it will be a ton of work.

sarah said...

I'm so glad your are going to be a part of Parable. Yay! Can't wait to see how your comic turns out :)

Breadwig said...

I am so jazzed you're workin' on this!