Thursday, March 08, 2007

Encounter In Orbit

Here is my remaining Drawergeeks submission for the week. I went a bit nuts, and did.... oh, five pieces. I know. A bit of overkill. But I do love robots.

Anyway, this is actually a scene from Rocket Dreams. Dwight finds himself face to face with the giant experimental robot "Proto 1."

I am really tired, and headed to bed. I hope everyone has a great Friday.


Mark Behm said...

Awesome! Gonna be a fun week at DG.

Muffin said...

Jeremy, I LOVE this! REally nice lightning too - ah, the kid is so cute. :)

mike said...

oh wow! that is so awesome, jeremy! i just love that one.

Paul Conrad said...

That rockin rocket rocks!

Man, I wish I had me one of them big robots!

Tony C. said...

Beautiful! And a wonderful sense of weight and weightlessness (can you have both? Sure!) on both characters.