Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Smashy Weapons

Well, I have resorted to digging through the archives. This was for an earlier project, where we pretty much created an entire world for a specific storyline. I will share bits and pieces with you as I find them. And you might be stuck with old stuff until I have comic tid-bits to show. Thanks for stopping by!



Paul Conrad said...

Very nice.
My dad has a cabinet filled with this stuff...as kids we were always being told, "stay outta there, you'll put your eye out." We never listened of course.

Man, you wouldn't believe how much trouble we got in for decimating the neighboring villiage.

sarah said...

I should do this too! I think this has been one of the longest times I've gone without posting. Eagh!

Cool weapons though. I am curious to see more of this!