Monday, February 19, 2007


A quiet night. The stars are quietly twinkling above you. Then WOOOSH!!! A small rocket zooms over your head, barely clearing the trees! I am starting to dream up a few color layouts, just to explore the mood of the story. This is right after the rocket launches, and goes screaming over rooftops before shooting up towards space.

I am exhausted, and it isn't even Tuesday yet. This day job is realling draining me. Must keep plowing forward... one day I will buy my freedom! Hah.



Paul Conrad said...

Straight into my "save" file.
That's a thing of beauty my friend.
Thank you for sharing your rocket dreams with us.

jim bradshaw said...

Before I read your post, I was feeling the exact mood you talked about. This is beautiful!

I know what you mean about the day job. There is so much I want to do. As William Wallace said, "Freeeeeeedommmmmmm!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I've not commented on any of your drawings, at least in a long long while. This one really kept me glued to the screen though. Not sure if it's the AMCE type feel I get from the Wile E rocket or maybe just the success of breaking away but I really do like this one!

Hope all is well with you and congrats on the new bundle. Your Disney Pal.

Bill Z said...

beautiful - what a great feeling that gives me to see

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Fabulous pic !

Woosh said...

What a great post, I actually found it very thought provoking, thanks

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