Thursday, February 22, 2007

Drawergeeks! : GRRRRR Face

This week for Drawergeeks I tried something a little different. I did an animated .gif file. Nothing crazy. Just a little movement. The topic was "Grrr Face" so I made one of my Rocket Dreams characters participate.

Just click on the thumbnail to see him grrrr. I really feel it at least needs a sound effect! Hmm, why is that smaller image looking so weird... oh well.

Friday is upon us, and may I say that I am really glad to see it.
Happy weekend to all.



mike said...

haha! too cool, jeremy. too cool.

Paul Conrad said...

Sound! Sound!

pretty please?

sarah said...

Eek, I haven't stopped by in ages and you have such great stuff posted :) I love the grr face and the really really pretty rocket painting!

Jeremy Spears said...

Dude, Jeremy, your artwork always impresses me! I'm looking forward to your robot! Thanks for the kind remarks man, it means alot!