Thursday, February 08, 2007


Ended up doing a scribble for Drawergeeks this week. I really shouldn't have, since I have no time to do such silly things. But I did anyway. This guy is a "Vanhoozerized" version of Captain Marvel, complete with extra fat and stubby proportions. I know there are some "fixes" I should make here, but I am guessing this might be the way he ends up. Time being a factor and all. There is a second part to this that I will hopefully be able to finish. I certainly hope this next topic is a bit more inspiring.

It's Thursday. The day before Friday.


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sarah said...

Shazam looks good 'VanHoozered' ha ha. I always see him as stockier than most superheros.

I'm so glad you will be at the Comic-Con too! Yay!