Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Well, it's Wednesday. Not quite Friday, but sure better than Monday.

I wanted to share a color key that I did of the Captain Blast character. He is an aged hero in the story, which would explain the salt and pepper hair and face lines. When he finally meets up with Dwight, he is beginning to consider retirement. But there is that story again! I have to slap my hand and finish it up... and hopefully share it soon. No really, I will.

Thanks again to the people who check out the blog. I have been getting nice email and comments, which as I said before, help motivate.

More art and maybe even story in the next few days.



sarah said...

This looks fantastic Jeremy! I love the way his jacket hangs on him. Really nice :) Best of luck with all the story stuff! I'm jumping back into my graphic novel roughs myself, it feels so great to be working on it again.

mike said...

i love how he's holding on to that little robot. like it's his security robot or something. :)