Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Tuesday everybody. Here is the piece I posted earlier, with a little color scrubbed on. I am finished for now, since all I am doing at this point is figuring out how certain colors work on certain characters. If I have time before I finish the book, I might really paint it out.

Starting tomorrow, I will be on vacation from my day job for the Thanksgiving holiday. I will have a five day weekend, to eat way too much and hang out with the family. I also hope to finish up a few major story elements for the Rocket Dreams project. Writing is tough for me because as soon as I start, I tend to daydream of what I could be drawing. But, I am going to buckle down and type this stuff out.

So, no posts for a few days unless I daydream or decide to post a story outline.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I will be sipping the nectar of the gods, Eggnog... and writing.



mike said...

this is wonderful. the sketch looks so great in color.

my vaction starts thursday.

have a happy thanksgiving! see you when you get back!

sarah said...

I like the rough colour! Hope you get lots of story stuff done over the weekend.

My vacation starts tomorrow, sort of, in that I'm going to cook all day with the ladies in my husband's family. I'm not sure if that counts as vacation... but I'm sure I'll enjoy all the hard work Thursday :)