Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I am starting to like sketching and doodling with grey markers, then adding details with my trusty black brush pen. It helps me keep the drawing rough.

Over the Thanksgiving break, I am going to be doing some writing.
Not as many drawings over that holiday week, but I will start to fill in the story for you here on the blog.

Also, I am still on track to have a book ready for the San Diego Comicon.
It will basically be a "making of" type book, filled with sketches, paintings, doodles, notes, and story for the Rocket Dreams project. I am going to pitch it to several publishers there at the con, but I will probably get some printed to sell as well.
I want it to be a nicely bound, jam packed art book, so hopefully it will be worth whatever I have to charge for it.
If anybody knows that they want one, chime in between now and April so I can start figuring out how many to get printed.

Thanks for the comments guys!



sarah said...

I would want one! Unless it costs a trillion dollars, because I don't have that much.

Sweet house sketch!

mike said...

i want one! i should have a trillion dollars too after i sell all my cow and buffalo books. ;)