Monday, September 28, 2009

Shnitzel, Chef, and a SIEGE Thing

Good morning, and a happy Monday to all. Shnitzel, from the Cartoon Network show "Chowder" makes his way into "TKO" today. He is a really strong character in the game, and his special moves are really cool. Here is his glamour shot. So there's that...

... and I forgot to mention last week that Chef, from the Cartoon Network show "Total Drama Action" entered the battle that is Titanic Kungfubot Offensive. Wheee! He throws food, and perhaps other items. Here is HIS glamour shot.

Also, if you are near Atlanta and feel like listening to southeastern game developers talk about what they do, you should stop by SIEGE this weekend. I am taking part in the portfolio review, on Saturday and I will also be speaking on Sunday at 11:30am. I am still figuring out exactly what I will be saying, but it should have something to do with creating 2D games, and the art that goes into them. Something like that. Here is the link.

1 comment:

Mike Boldt said...

Love the chef.
Juggernaut meets Hells Kitchen, with a dash of spice.

Great robots.