Thursday, July 23, 2009

Building A Foundation

I am hoping that I will stick with this and clean it up a bit. I want a robot house.

Once again I want to take a second and thank everyone for commenting, and following the blog. It means a lot to get positive comments and emails letting me know that you are paying attention! THANK YOU!

Also, I am hoping to set up a few robot/monster t-shirts soon. Nothing huge, but I know I like wearing shirts with cool stuff on them... so I figured I would make some of my own. I will keep you guys posted on that process. (Not to mention the fact that you will probably see the art on the blog as I work on it....)


Chris Boyd said...

Awesome. You've been sketching out a lot of fun ideas lately.

Brian Murphy said...

I'm trying to picture how on earth I could get my kids to visit that house on Halloween!