Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Flapjack - Bottle Cap'n

Ahoy! I love me some Flapjack! This is a title card I did for the Cartoon game "Flapjack Bottle Cap'n" (Duh, it says it right there.) I really love the show, and it is always fun to work with these characters.

This version has a lot less type... and fits well on a digital read out.


NelsonG said...

Always a treat! I like that the menacing octopus sports an eye patch! I also like the shapes of the tentacles and hoe "grabby" they feel!

Caram said...

From a design point of view, I'd probably go for the less typy one, as it feels uncluttered, even though I'm loving the hand-crafted lettering very much…
but somehow, I get the feeling both will make an appearance at some point. Nice!
Ditto on the Invisble Man…BTW, made my (arts) day.

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