Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This Baby Has Seen Some Action

Hey! It has been a while! Thanks to a nasty flu bug, I have been knocked out for a few days. Being sick is no fun at all let me tell you. Blech. I still have the sniffles, but I think I am slowly winning the health war.

This is a colored version of "The Sky Breakers" logo that I had shown you before. I tried to do this in a style similar to what might have actually been painted on the side of a plane. I will eventually do a fully painted version for other uses, but my biggest goal for the main logo was to go simple and "hand painted." As I was reading about WW2 nose art, I discovered that the logos were usually either painted by the pilot himself or a member of the group who had been singled out as the "Artist" of the group.

The story is progressing well and I hope to start thumbnailing pages soon. I will also be fleshing out the main characters quite a bit, and hope to share some of that with you.

Thanks for looking!