Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Sky Breakers

Good morning all. Today I am revealing the name of the project I am tackling this year! "The Sky Breakers" will be the first book in what I hope will be a two book series. Done as a graphic novel, my goal for this project is to create a fun adventure story in a style that I would have loved as a kid. There will be action, adventure, airplanes, rockets, jaw crackin, and yes even robots. But more important than all of those things... I will finish this story! Yes, my resolution this year is to put my nose to the old grind stone and see this thing through.

My blogging will change just a bit due to this project. I will of course be posting a lot of work from the book, but not everything. I will not be posting every day, but my goal is to share something at least three times a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I think things will work out better for everyone though, since hopefully the work I do post will be a bit more polished.

I am excited, and nervous. This will be a long road since I will be doing all of this in my "off time", but I plan to see this one through.

Goals for the year?

1. Be a good father and husband.
2. Put forth my very best effort at the day job.
3. Apply blood, sweat, and tears to my first graphic novel project.
4. Take care of myself. (And all that that implies.)

I look forward to what the year brings. I thank you for listening.


mike said...

can't wait for it!

i need to put forth that amount of effort to cleo. i'm just way too easily sidetracked.

Paul Conrad said...

God speed my friend.

Geoff Shupe said...

good luck! looks cool already.

Javier M. said...

What size and resolution is this jeremy?

Tony C. said...

Looks awesome Jeremy! Looking forward to seeing more as the year goes on.

Javier M. said...

Check out my piece inspired by the monster known as Vanhoozer! Thanks Jeremy

sarah said...

Sweet plan! Can't wait to see some jaw crackin! Yay!

Breadwig said...

I love the plan, and the name, and the sketches. I hope to finish a longer project myself this year.